Capsules, or Spheres, are power-ups that increase health, weaponry, or various operations of a vehicle. As a general rule, a flat gray sphere will recover one unit, and a flashing unit recovers four. Power ups only appear as capsules in Blaster Master and Enemy Below. The concept returns as Prisms in Blaster Master: Blasting Again.


Pcapsule Power capsules are used to recover health.



Gun Acquiring Gun capsules increases the Gun's level.

Secondary WeaponsEdit

The Thunder Thunder Break, Missile Multi-Warhead Missile, and Hmissile Homing Missile all require capsule energy to fire. Obtaining a capsule grants twenty uses of the appropriate weapon.



FullHover The Hover Module burns through energy quickly. When Jason first acquires it, Hover capsules he's found before then determine how much Hover capacity the Sophia 3rd begins with.