Character Mode is the primary mode of play when the mission switches focus onto the main character once they have left their vehicle and entered a Gate. Each game's Character Mode is named after its respective main character (ie, Jason Mode, Roddy Mode).

In Character Mode, the camera zooms in on the player character and gives them access to new weapons and abilities as they explore catacombs. Excluding Blaster Master: Blasting Again, bosses can only be encountered in Character Mode. In Blaster Master, Enemy Below and Overdrive, the camera changes to an overhead view and allows the player to move in all directions. Roddy does not control much differently from Sophia J-7 in Blasting Again, but he does face new challenges and obstacles.

Blaster Master 2's Character Mode is an inversion, as Gates lead directly to boss arenas, and Jason loses several abilities while in this mode.

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