BM Boss2
Battle with Crabullus


Area 2


Crusher Beam

Pause Trick


Crabullus is the boss of Blaster Master's Area 2. When defeated, it drops the Crusher Beam weapon.


Crabullus appears to have similar features to that of a crab: it has two extendable arms with claws, and has two mouths, one with pincers, and a larger one on it's back.


Crabullus stays near the top of the room and slowly bounces left and right. It periodically spits four white projectiles that can be destroyed by gunfire or grenades. Its two green arms continously swing out in front of it.

The safest way to destroy Crabullus is to obtain at least one gun upgrade and hug the bottom of the room. The gun's range should allow the player to fire into Crabullus's mandibles without putting himself directly in the range of the arms.