Jason Frudnick is the main character in most of the Blaster Master adventures. He's the husband of Eve, father of Roddy and Elfie, and destroyer of the Plutonium Boss after finding his pet frog, Fred. His last name is sometimes known as Gardner, perhaps as a nod to Kane Gardner, the main character of Meta Fight whom Jason was based on.

Jason is most famous for piloting the Sophia 3rd and Sophia 4th. His primary weapon is the Gun, and he uses short-range supplementary Grenades. There's not much known about him, other than he grew up as a normal teenage boy and seems to possess a strong sense of bravery. After inheriting the Sophia 3rd, he learned quickly how to operate, maintain, and even improve on the original alien technology.


Blaster MasterEdit

Jason pilots Sophia 3rd in this mission.

Worlds of Power: Blaster MasterEdit

Blaster Master 2Edit

Blaster Master BoyEdit

Blaster Master: Enemy BelowEdit

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