Or, Super Planetary War Records: Metafight to be precise. Developed by Tokai Engineering and Sunsoft, this was the original incarnation of Blaster Master, in which Kane Gardner drives the vehicle Metal Attacker, also known as NORA, on the planet Sophia III, on a quest to eliminate the alien leader Goez. Metal Attacker was designed by Dr. Jennifer Cornet.

It was released in June 17, 1988, and localized in the US in November of 1988, and April 25, 1991 in Europe.


The story begins in 2052, in the Ypsilon Galaxy, where the planet Sophia the 3rd lies. Goez, the conquerer of many other worlds and self-proclaimed "god of the universe", invaded the system with the forces of the Inbem Dark Star Cluster. The Science Academy of Sophia the 3rd, managing to preserve the Nora Satellite, created the Metal Attacker, a mobile battle tank. Kane Gardner, a genius boy pilot, was drafted to pilot the tank against the forces of Goez.

Metal AttackerEdit

Metal Attacker (and Sophia 3rd by extension) is given these stats in the manual:

  • Overall Length: 6.5m (21.3 ft)
  • Overall Height: 4.0m (13.1 ft)
  • Overall Width: 6.0m (19.7 ft)
  • Substantial Weight: 15.0 tons
  • Highest Output: 15,000 ps
  • Cockpit: 1 Person
  • Armored Material Properties: Super Steel Alloy Sophianium