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The Mother Brain is the boss of Blaster Master's Area 1. When defeated, it drops the Hyper Beam.

In Blaster MasterEdit


Mother Brain appears to be a giant, mutated jellyfish, that sports the color red.


Mother Brain slowly follows Jason wherever he goes. It is protected by a spinning, contorting shield of mini "brains".

As long as the player keeps their distance from Mother Brain, and avoids the mini brains, they can simply whail on it with a barrage of grenades.

Other AppearancesEdit

Blaster Master (novel)Edit

The Mother Brain was the mass of protoplasm that Jason fought at the end of each area. After the first encounter with the real form, the Plutonium Boss cast a holographic form over the rest, of something that would either terrify Jason or invoke such emotions that would make him unable to fight, such as with Fred.

Blaster Master: Enemy BelowEdit

An identical boss appears in Enemy Below, known as the Jellyfish.


  • In prerelease photos and articles of Blaster Master Zero, Mother Brain is referred to as Chlameatle.